Cleaning Products

As we move forward to ensure the care and safety of our volunteers and children, we would ask that only unscented household cleaning products be available for volunteers to use when cleaning the church and unscented soap for use in the kitchen and bathrooms. These products are commonly found at department, hardware and grocery stores.

Any industrial strength cleaning product that requires a WHMIS form must be removed from church property. These products will be labelled with one or more of these symbols. (see right)

Please contact Mike St. Denis for situations that arise where you feel an industrial strength cleaner is necessary, and we will work together to find a solution.

Inspired by the vision statement of the New Apostolic Church, the purpose of dwell™ is to allow our church to be a place in which people feel at home.

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Positions of Trust
  • Camera Operator
  • Chaperone
  • Coordinator
  • Committee Member
  • Director
  • Elevator Operator
  • Fleet Driver ( Church Van )
  • Hall Monitor
  • Leader
  • Minister
  • NACSTAT Administrator
  • Offering Counter
  • Photographer
  • Producer
  • Safety Officer
  • Soul Care Companion
  • Teacher
  • Trainer
  • Usher
Positions de confiance
  • Administrateur NACSTAT
  • Caméraman
  • Chaperon
  • Chauffeur de flotte (Van de l’Église)
  • Compagnon de soins de l’âme
  • Compteur d’offrande
  • Coordinateur
  • Directeur
  • Entraîneur
  • Huissier
  • Membre du comité
  • Ministre
  • Moniteur
  • Officier de sécurité
  • Opérateur d’ascenseur
  • Producteur
  • Professeur
  • Photographe
  • Surveillant de couloir