Fire Safety Program 

Fire safety is very important when considering the overall safety of people attending church events and the help and care we can provide them.  We have partnered with a consultant in this field, Busch Training. Beginning in August 2016, our consultant will inspect all churches across Canada and create a Fire Safety Plan for each building including an Emergency Evacuation Plan.  These procedures will be posted in each church. In addition to this, Busch Training will train and certify a “Safety Officer” for each church to be responsible for maintaining the Fire Safety Plan and audit of the fire safety equipment.

Recommendations will be given to ensure each church is in compliance with the local fire code.

Please visit the FAQ section if you have questions about the Fire Safety Program


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Positions of Trust
  • Camera Operator
  • Chaperone
  • Coordinator
  • Committee Member
  • Director
  • Elevator Operator
  • Fleet Driver ( Church Van )
  • Hall Monitor
  • Leader
  • Minister
  • NACSTAT Administrator
  • Offering Counter
  • Photographer
  • Producer
  • Safety Officer
  • Soul Care Companion
  • Teacher
  • Trainer
  • Usher
Positions de confiance
  • Administrateur NACSTAT
  • Caméraman
  • Chaperon
  • Chauffeur de flotte (Van de l’Église)
  • Compagnon de soins de l’âme
  • Compteur d’offrande
  • Coordinateur
  • Directeur
  • Entraîneur
  • Huissier
  • Membre du comité
  • Ministre
  • Moniteur
  • Officier de sécurité
  • Opérateur d’ascenseur
  • Producteur
  • Professeur
  • Photographe
  • Surveillant de couloir